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Commercial Virtual Renovation

Commercial Virtual Renovation


$99 Per Image

  • What Is Commercial Virtual Renovation
    Commercial Virtual Renovation is the process of renovating a space virtually with computer models. Commercial Virtual Renovation modifies structural aspects before we add virtual furniture. This helps buyers visualize potential but doesn't cost you what a physical remodel would cost. It helps buyers see past anything lacking in your space. An online impression can make or break a sale nowadays, so Commercial Virtual Renovation can give your listing the boost it needs.
  • The Commercial Renovation Process
    Commercial Virtual Renovation entails a few extra elements when compared with Virtual Staging. We adjust the foundational aspects of the room - color, walls, ceilings, and so forth. Then we add 3D furniture models on top of those adjustments. We put the furniture into the image and adjust the proportions and angles to make everything fit perfectly. This includes adding layers like fabrics, textures, and colors to the furniture itself. We also add shading to make the virtual furniture realistic and attractive.
  • Designer Brand Virtual Furniture
    For most of our Commercial Virtual Renovation projects, we virtually stage the images after the renovation is completed. (Although some clients occasionally do not want furniture added.) Once the reno is done, we add virtual furniture that is unique in the industry because at Picture Perfect Virtual Staging we only use designer-inspired 3D models, unlike other companies. We know that realism is essential for your listing and first impressions are important!

At Picture Perfect Virtual Staging, We Give You Endless Options...


Design It Yourself

Our Virtual Renovation platform is unique because we allow you the ability to fully control the design of each room. Whether you're an agent or a homeowner looking for some remodeling ideas, if you have a specific taste, our DIY Virtual Renovation is perfect for you. We will use only the categories you selected to complete the Virtual Renovation. You can make the room cute and cozy, or leave it open and airy. Design It Yourself gives you full control.


Premade Sets

If you want a certain level of control in your Virtual Renovation results but don't want to necessarily design the room from the ground up, then our premade set option is perfect for you. Our designers have created dozens of trendy looks for all types of rooms. You can browse through all of these premade furniture sets and pick the look you like best for each room once you have chosen your basic renovation elements (colors, walls, etc).


Our Renovators Choose

Don't have time? Don't trust your sense of style? Not to worry! We specialize in choosing the best virtual renovation look and furniture and layout for your space. We consider factors like room size, room flow, and so forth to determine the best color scheme and placement for each piece of virtual furniture. Virtual Renovation that overcrowds a small space won't get you good results! So too, Virtual Renovation that doesn't give enough color or appeal to a large and empty space is no good either.