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Commercial Virtual Staging

Commercial Virtual Staging


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  • What Is Commercial Virtual Staging?
    Commercial Virtual Staging is when we stage a commercial space virtually using computer programs and 3D furniture models. With Commercial Virtual Staging, you can stage a space more than one way. Sometimes commercial buyers need help seeing the possibilities of a space, and with more and more buyers beginning their searches online, we know it's important to make a stunning first impression through your listing photos. You want buyers to be able to envision their business in your space - we can help make that happen easily and affordably.
  • The Commercial Staging Process
    We use 3D furniture models, inspired by designer brands, to virtually stage your image by placing the virtual furniture into the photo and adjusting everything to make sure it fits exactly into the space. Then we add layers like fabrics, and textures, and even shadows and lights. These little details are what make the furniture appear life-like and realistic. If the space has furniture that needs to be removed, we can perform item removal - this adds a lot of flexibility if the property is still occupied.
  • Designer Brand Virtual Furniture
    Many companies use the cheapest, easiest virtual furniture. We pride ourselves in doing the opposite - we use quality of virtual furniture simply because we believe that realism is essential to keeping your sellers happy and grabbing your buyers' attention. Our 3D furniture gallery is modeled after dozens of designer furniture brands. We use designer-inspired furniture because we believe that trends are an important part of first-impressions in today's world. We know that buyers that can envision a space as their own are more likely to make that higher offer!

At Picture Perfect Virtual Staging, We Give You Endless Options...


Design It Yourself

Our platform is unique in the industry, because we give you the ability to fully control the design of each room (if you choose). Whether you're an agent or an owner looking for some style ideas, if you have a vision for your space, our DIY Virtual Staging is perfect for you. Select from any of our available furniture categories and add them to your order. We will use only the furniture you selected to virtually stage the space.


Premade Sets

If you want a certain level of control in your Virtual Staging results but don't want to necessarily design the room from the ground up, then our premade set option is perfect for you. Our designers have created dozens of trendy looks for all types of rooms, ranging from modern to classic. You can browse through all of these premade furniture sets and pick the look you like best for each room. You can easily browse through sets and pick your favorites.


Our Stagers Choose

Don't have time? Don't trust your sense of style? Not to worry! We specialize in choosing the best virtual staging furniture and layout for your space. We consider factors like room size, room flow, and so forth to determine the best color scheme and placement for each piece of virtual furniture. We put careful thought and consideration into each and every image to bring you the best possible results every time, without you having to lift a finger.