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Meet The Team

Chris spent over a decade in the Real Estate Industry, working alongside some of the top producing real estate agents in her area. She saw first-hand how the presentation of a property really makes real estate success. Chris launched a one-stop-shop digital Virtual Tour platform in her local market to help agents achieve the professional look and marketing capability she knew they needed. After a decade of huge success, Chris launched Picture Perfect Virtual Staging so that she could serve the national real estate community with the Virtual Staging and Single Property Website services her local community has come to depend on.

Chris personally selects our gallery of virtual furniture and works closely with the designers to achieve the realism, trendiness, and quality that makes Picture Perfect Virtual Staging a cut above the rest. She’s never too busy to speak with a client, because she’s passionate about providing an excellent customer experience.

Chris Crummitt,

Founder & CEO

27 Years in the
Real Estate Industry

We Believe...

That dreaming buyers need a little help imagining the possibilities, That a picture is worth a thousand words, That in the Real Estate industry, first impressions matter, And that impressing your clients is the key to your success.

Why We Do What We Do...

We provide virtual staging and virtual renovation services because we believe that dreaming buyers need a little help imagining the possibilities, that a picture is worth a thousand words, that in our industry first impressions do matter, and that impressing your clients is the key to your success. We're here to provide you the edge you need to be a cut above other realtors, and stand out among the competition.

What Problems We Solve...

We know that standing out amidst a sea of competition is no easy task. Our goal is to help you resonate with buyers, impress your sellers, and increase the value of your services so that your word-of-mouth referrals will snowball. We're here to give you results that your clients will talk about to their friends, family members, and other people that will bring you business.


The Executive Team

Client Care Coordinator

Cara Hotaling

Cara Hotaling, Client Care Coordinator Cara has 5+ years of experience in photography, video editing, and marketing, specializing in social media marketing. She works closely with the executive team and our clients to process photoshoots and Virtual Tours, manage the calendar, and coordinate social media posts.


Executive Assistant

Marisa Blankenship

Marisa has 16+ years of experience in Customer Relations, Management, Project Management, and Recruiting. She works closely with Chris in helping select the gallery of virtual furniture and researching up and coming trends.

Marisa helps the team test infrastructure systems, and assists with day-to-day company organization, order tracking, and follow up.”