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1. How do I pick the furniture for virtual staging or virtual renovation?

When you begin your order, you will first select how many images you would like staged and then click "continue." Next, you see all of our furniture categories and you can select the items you want us to use, or select the premade sets you want us to use. (You can browse our Gallery pages to check out all our furniture options ahead of time.)

2. Do I have to pick the furniture? What if I don't have a preference?

No, you don't have to. You can let our stagers do the work for you if you choose! If you select specific virtual staging or virtual renovation furniture when you checkout, our stagers will simply pick what looks best in your space.

3. What's the turn around time?

You will receive your completed virtual staging, virtual renovation or virtual twilight order back within 24-48 hours from the time you order.

4. How do I upload my images?

Once you begin your order, you will select how many images you want staged or renovated and then after you select "Continue" you will see a button that will let you upload your images. You will upload one image at a time, select the furniture for that image, and then the system will prompt you to upload your next image.

5. Can I use staged images on the MLS?

As far as we are aware, yes, but please check the rules of your local MLS system.

6. What if I want something changed after you give me back the photos?

We offer one free revision for each image.

7. Can I have one room staged multiple ways?

Yes, definitely! Many agents do. Just let us know what you need and we'll take care of the rest.

8. I'm not sure if I need virtual staging or virtual renovation. What's the difference?

If the room needs to be altered (paint color, floor type, appliances, etc.) then choose Virtual Renovation at checkout. If you just need us to add furniture but we do not need to change the room itself, then choose Virtual Staging at checkout. Virtual Renovation is best when you want to change something about your current space. Virtual Staging is when you are looking to add furniture or accessories to your space. (With Virtual Renovation, we do also add furniture after renovating the space itself.)


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