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To Stage Or Not To Stage: The Benefits of Virtual Staging

Let’s face it – not everyone is going to love your seller’s style the same way they do.

When it comes to selling a home, you need to find that perfect mix between homey and “anything is possible.” That’s where virtual staging comes in. Traditional home stagers are expensive… so how can you reap the benefits of home staging (namely, a quicker sale at a higher price) without hurting your wallet?

If you’re undecided or on the fence, here’s a few reasons you might want to consider virtual staging.



With many home buyers starting their house hunting search online, their first impression of a home is the pictures they see of it. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in real estate a picture can be worth thousands of dollars. A picture is what entices that buyer to come tour your home and put an offer on it. If they don’t like the photos, guess what – they’re probably not going to come in person, either… especially if they’ve got other options to chose from. Your home needs to stand out from the other seller’s home, and virtual staging will do the trick. (Keep in mind that this is even more true if the home you’re listing is older or has minor imperfections.)


Virtual staging is all about maximizing every room. For example, a small home can distract a buyer – they focus on the small square footage without seeing the openness and potential. Or perhaps the shape of the room is unintuitive or distracting – a virtual stager shows potential in the room that the buyer hadn’t noticed. You don’t want your buyers doing a ton of guesswork about a room’s purpose or functionality; you want them picturing themselves in their new home. If that buyer can see the potential of a space, they won’t get hung up on the weird layout or small floor area… increasing your chances of getting an offer, and a better offer at that.


Who doesn’t want a fast sale? The faster the house sells, the sooner the sellers (and agent) get their money and the sooner the seller can stop making mortgage payments! Numerous studies show that virtual staging a home does in fact help it sell faster. This is no doubt because virtual staging helps buyers visualize the home as their own, which helps them overlook any minor issues.


Virtual staging gets more people interested in your home, and more people interested opens up the potential for that bidding war your seller is hoping for. A buyer who’s in love with a home is far more likely to pay over asking price to make sure they get it. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 80% of Realtors reported that staged homes improve the buyers experience. The connection between the final selling price and home staging is no surprise; not every buyer can picture potential on their own, so virtual staging gives them the window they need.

Virtual staging is so important in today’s real estate market because sellers need to stand out from their competition. That’s why many real estate brokers and agents have begun to include virtual home staging as part of their offered services.

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