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Virtual Staging Success Stories

Virtual Staging is raking in success stories in the current real estate market. I want to share some success stories that we've had recently from a couple of our clients where virtual staging really helped their business as real estate agents. We always get super excited about these stories, so I wanted to take the time to share just briefly.


Recently we had a client that needed virtual staging for the living room as well as the lower level from two different angles. The agent told us she got about 11 offers, and it ended up going under contract for about 10% over asking price. The sellers were beyond thrilled, and the agent told us that she feels like the virtual staging played a huge role in the amount of offers that the amount of offers that they had and the actual offer amount as well.

We were super thrilled to be a part of this story, and wanted to share the results.

We also recently staged a home for another client that needed the living room, dining room, and one bedroom staged. The sellers were so happy with the virtual staging for this home that they told the agent (our client) that they're going to give him their next listing because they're planning to sell their other home as well. So the agent was super happy about that, the sellers were happy, and of course we were happy to be a part of this!

We use designer brands, so all of our 3D furniture models are modeled after designers like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and those kinds of top brands. And you can see the results are so realistic. That's part of what makes the sellers so happy.

We're so thrilled about these success stories! If you have a Virtual Staging success story, please let us know! Or if you want to BE the next success story, give us a call.